Cruiser, EWA 433 /

CRUISER — mechanical wind-up 3D-puzzle of the motorcycle with the simplest rubber-band engine mechanism – roll the bike back and let it go! Handlebars turning mechanism, simple and reliable rubber-band engine, moving central prop stand and stylish design make the Cruiser easy to assemble, entertaining to play and perfect as gift. Assembling without glue.

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Type / Class Diy assembly of wooden pcs from 14 years old.
Author / Creator Eco Wood Art
Outer measure 245 x 190 x 20 mm
The correct dimensions of the product 220 x 120 x 80 mm
Total weight of the product 0,7 kg
Form / Design / Material Mechanical 3-D puzzle of plywood
Game pieces 152 pcs
Packaging EWA Original gift box
Guarantee 5 years manufacturer warranty
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Wooden 3D puzzle Cruiser

  • 303 SEK

  • Ex Tax: 242 SEK

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