• Fox & Geese game Exclusive L Made of Birch Plywood (21005)

Fox & Geese Exclusive, AN 21005 /

Made of birch plywood with lowered holes for the pieces. Very high quality for multi-generation gaming. Playing pieces fox in red and geese in white.


Fox & Geese is a game of inequality. The geese cannot capture the fox but aim, through the benefit of numbers, to hem the fox in so that he cannot move. The objective of the fox, on the other hand, is to capture geese until it becomes impossible for them to trap him. The geese start by occupying all 6 squares of one arm of the cross plus the whole first adjacent row and the two end points of the central row. The fox starts in the middle of the board. Player's toss a coin to decide who will play the fox - the geese move first. Players take turns to move a goose or the fox to an adjacent point along a line. However, the geese are restricted to being able to move directly forwards, diagonally forwards or sideways only. Upon the fox's turn, if a goose is adjacent to the fox with an empty point directly behind, the fox may capture that goose by hopping over it into the empty square and removing the smitten goose from the board. Captured pieces are never replayed onto the board and remain captured for the remainder of the game. The game is finished when a player loses either by being reduced to two pieces or by being unable to move. Who wins? Like all unequal games, it makes sense to play an even number of games, each player alternating between playing the fox and playing the geese. The player who wins the most games wins the match.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 400 x 400 x 9 mm
Total weight of the product 1.1 kg
Form / Design / Material Exclusive game made of Birch Plywood
Game pieces 22 wooden playing pieces, 2 in red and 20 in white, diam 22 mm
Packaging Martall original gift box
Guarantee 10 years manufacturer warranty
Game Rules Rules language GB, SE, NO, FI, DK
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Fox & Geese game Exclusive L Made of Birch Plywood

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  • Product Code: 21005
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