KEM Arrow Poker format 63x89 mm Jumbo Index / 00201

Regular playing cards are made from paper or cardboard with plastic coating and some of the are made of 100% plastic. Cards with plastic coating wears off quickly eftersom the coating is very thin. Cards made of 100% plastic are better but the card manufacturers use a pvc-plastic when they make their 100% plastic playing cards since pvc is a cheaper raw material. KEM cards are made from 100% cellulose acetate plastic. However, its the cellulose acetate that makes KEM cards that much better than all the other 100% plastic playing cards. Cellulose acetate is expensive and has more snap and shape retention than PVC. Cellulose acetate does cost more, but as resulting in the highest possible quality of plastic cards, we assess that it is worth it! KEM cards will last up to 50 times as long as other plastic playing cards.

KEM Playing Cards Poker size ARROW Jumbo Index

  • Brand: KEM
  • Product Code: 00201
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